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I Blame People Who Don’t Understand the College Football Bowl System/BCS

7 Dec

Yes, I took a break. So what? I had no one to blame. No worries though, cause I got a large group of people now.

It’s almost winter and we are about to start my favorite time of year… the college football bowl season. Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I love football. And yes, my team of choice is the Oklahoma Sooners.

The BCS... I support it.

And EVERYTIME the bowl season get’s ready to kick off, people have to go and rain on my parade. And personally, I’m kind of tired of it.

I blame all the people who don’t understand the college football bowl system/Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

First off, let me say this. I don’t fully understand the system myself. But I do understand that the arguments most people are making this year are completely refutibal and easily explained away. I’ll take the two most common trains of thought from these people.

This is my hands down fave comment at this time of the year…

We should have a playoff system.

No. Sorry. It’s never gonna happen. And yes, it’s because of the money.

See, we have put college athletic programs (specifically division 1 or whatever they hell they are calling it now) in an awkward situation. We expect these schools to pay for their entire athletic departments solely from money they make on athletics. No one (and that includes those whiny playoff people) wants schools to use tax payer monies that could pay for classrooms, professors and other academic stuff to buy cups for all the male athletes. Especially in these times of budget deficits and massive cuts across the board for all government programs, including higher education.

The BCS helps contribute money back the the colleges athletic programs. Oh, and keep in mind that for most schools, only football and men’s basketball typically operate in the black. Every other sport normally runs in the red. That mean’s that the money that goes to the conference for a team that plays in a BCS game goes right back towards paying for other sports. Like, say, all the women’s sports.

So while a playoff system seems like a good idea for competition and getting to the point of having an undisputed national champion, it just won’t work for division 1 football. So get over it. It ain’t gonna happen. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

As long as we have these sort of exceptions on our college athletic programs, every decision will be about money. From conference realignments to coaching changes to the BCS. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles my friends.

I will add this very quickly. The BCS isn’t perfect. It’s system that needs constant incremental improvement, but I think this year is one of the closest years we’ve had to getting it right.

And my other fave comment…

There are too many bowl games.

So. What.

It's all about the dough-re-me baby!

Yeah, maybe I’m not gonna be pulling my chair up this year and watching the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. But does that mean that Kansas State and Syracuse don’t deserve their chance to play in this game? Absolutely not.

Why shouldn’t as many college football teams as possible have an opportunity to have a post season game? How does that hurt anyone? In fact, it’d probably be more hurtful if you cancelled half the bowls (which is what I have seen some propose). Think of the economic impact the towns that host these bowls get for that week before the game. Think of all that discretionary income that goes to support local businesses, hotel taxes that help pay for city services, and the list goes on and on and on.

Towns thrive on these sorts of things. Why deny them?

Plus, what if your team had a bad year but still managed to pull out the six wins? Would you want that season to end in November, or have that one last hoorah before the season is called quits? C’mon people. Bowl games are a good thing for everyone!

But no. Every year everyone has to bitch about the BCS and the bowls. And I am sick of you ruining my happy times about OU making it to the Fiesta Bowl.  And bowl season in general.

I blame  people who don’t understand the college football bowl system/BCS.