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I Blame Overshare-ers.

16 Nov

I guess I’ve been dying to blame these people for awhile. Cause I had a post already started to blame them and I didn’t even realize it.

I blame overshare-ers. Why? Multiple reasons.

Lalalalalala... I can't hear you!

First off, they manage to take what is most likely an awkward¬†situation¬†and enhance said awkwardness by 10 fold. Let’s all think… what is the most awkward situation I am put in on a fairly regular basis? The answer, company parties. Whether they be just a cake and punch or the whole staff retreat, they are uncomfortable. Big time.

And there is always that one person that completely overshares. You reach an awkward silence. No one knows what to say then BAM! Oversharing.

It may consist of some one talking about their bowel movements (how often, size, consistency), sex toys or, my personal fave, having babies. Cause that is what I want to do. Talk about things coming out my nether regions while sitting across from my male boss. Fun times, eh? (P.S. I did NOT make these topics up. All have srsly come up at company “get togethers.” :shudder:)

Then there is the anonymous-ness of the internet that makes people overshare even more. And the worst part of this, it’s not normally the disgusting oversharing at this point. It’s the people who do a Facebook update to let everyone know they just woke up, cleaned the house, or (my fave) “hey, I just picked a massive wedgie out of my ass”. I got news for these people.

No. One. Cares. There. I said it.

Well, I take it back. I do care that the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is delish. Cause, well, it is.

Overshare-ers both waste my time AND make me feel awkward. It’s not cool. I have plenty of better things I can do in order to waste my time, like watching Youtube videos of cats playing the keyboard. And I don’t like feeling awkward. So stop it. Now.

Please tell me some horrific example of someone oversharing. And then we can say it all together…

I blame overshare-ers.