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I Blame My Mom.

5 Nov

I’m not new to the blogging business. I’ve been doing this for awhile, actually.

I blame my mom. For being awesome. And gorgeous. And having an amazing tan. :jealous:

But it seems like blogs that are very much dedicated to a very narrow audience aren’t really that great for rolling out random rants. I had been using my Facebook for most of my ranting, and my mom went on and on about how good a writer I am. Well, duh. I know this.

And I thought, ya know, maybe I should do a blog with a bit more of a general audience. A blog which gives me a bit more free reign on what I can or can’t post about.

And, more importantly, a blog that won’t embarrass my mom when she reads it. Unlike that other blog. You know the one. And if you don’t, well, then you are on a “need to know” basis with me.

I dub this new piece of work… I Blame People.

It will always be someone’s (and maybe sometime something’s) fault when I write a post. I’ve been passing around a lot of blame for awhile. Jason Segal, Brooke Fraser, this guy named Dan… they’ve all been blamed for something in my little world.

Plus, I like it. It’s catchy. And it gives me a great ending line to every blog I post. You’ll see in 3…2…1…

I blame my mom.