I Blame Freebie Bitchers.

1 Mar

Gimme my free stuff!! GRRRR!

As I write this, I’m sitting in a movie theater for a free screening of Rango. We got free tickets that specifically said, in a much more eloquent way, “Look. This shizz is free. So we invite a lot of peeps cause half of you won’t show. But just on case, you best get here early for yo’ seat.”

I get that. That’s why me and Joey were here an hour and a half before start time. That’s why we waited patiently in line and were nice and respectful to the staff. Cause it’s free, and they are doing me a favor by letting me see the movie early. Common sense, right?

Apparently not. See, there are people who can’t just get something for free and enjoy it for what it is. Oh no. They always find a way to bitch. I like to call then freebie bitchers. (I should really copyright that.)

“Why do I have to wait in line?”

“My seat is terrible.”

“Why can’t me and my 10 kids sit in the press row??”

“I know the movie starts in 5 minutes, but how can there possibly be no seat for me??”

Really people? Really?

I’m sitting here and watching these people in full action. The attitude. The snide comments. The bitch faces at the staff. Since when the hell are you so entitled? And now, you are ruining my movie going experience cause you are acting like a bunch of douches.

Oh wait. No your not. Cause this movie is free and I’m enjoying it regardless… cause it’s FREE.

Okay, I’m lying just a little bit. I’m still annoyed.

I blame freebie bitchers.

P.S. Rango ain’t too bad. Good for adults and kiddos alike!


2 Responses to “I Blame Freebie Bitchers.”

  1. crimsonrambler March 2, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    I really really LOATHE the freebie bitchers. Seriously. Well said.

  2. shay March 2, 2011 at 8:20 pm #

    i know exactly how you feel! after katrina,we were all homeless and were given camper trailers to live in FOR FREE. i for one was thankfull for it because living with other family menbers IS NOT FUN. at least it was my own space. but you would be AMAZED how many people complained about it. they complained about the smallest details you wouldn’t believed. i got so fed up with one person i told them to shut the F**K UP its free and be thankfull.

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